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Student Achievements

Volgenau's Systems Engineering and Operations Research department holds our students and their work to the highest standards. National organizations have recognized our emphasis on excellence by awarding our students major national awards.

Students celebrate their presentation at West Point

Participating in competitions allows you to meet and share ideas with students from other universities, as well as industry professionals.

General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference

Every year, systems engineering and operations research students from several universities head to the U.S. Military Academy in West Point to measure their accomplishments against those of their peers in the conference. More than 60 teams competed at the 2016 event for undergraduates. Judges are experts from industry, government, and academia.

  • 2017 1st Place, System Design
  • 2016 1st Place, System Design
  • 2012 1st Place, Process Modeling
  • 2015 1st Place, Decision Analysis
  • 2012 1st Place, Environmental Design
  • 2015 1st Place, Process Improvement
  • 2011 Best Conference Poster Award
  • 2015 1st Place, Engineering Analysis
  • 2010 1st Place Modeling and Simulation
  • 2015 2nd Place, Best Conference Paper
  • 2010 1st Place Decision Analysis
  • 2015 Best Conference Poster Award
  • 2010 1st Place Modeling and Analysis
  • 2014 1st Place, Project Management
  • 2006 1st Place, Modeling and Simulation
  • 2014 Best Conference Poster Award
  • 2006 1st Place, Project Management
  • 2013 1st Place, Modeling and Simulation
  • 2005 1st Place, Process Modeling and Analysis
  • 2013 1st Place, Decision Analysis and Support
  • 2005 1st Place, Re-engineering
  • 2012 Best Conference Poster Award
  • 2004 1st Place, Process Modeling and Analysis
  • 2012 1st Place, Decision Analysis and Support
  • 2004 1st Place, Decision Analysis


IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium

This is a student-focused international forum for applied research, development, and design in Systems and Information Engineering. It showcases undergraduate and masters design projects, such as those from capstone design courses or from baccalaureate, honors, or design-oriented graduate theses. Projects must extend beyond systems analysis and include solutions to a problem.

  • 2016 1st Place, Risk, Design and Usability
  • 2011 1st Place, Systems Engineering Applications
  • 2016 1st Place Data Modelling Track
  • 2010 1st Place, Data Mining Integration and Security
  • 2014 1st Place, Environment and Social Systems
  • 2009 1st Place, Environmental and Economic Systems
  • 2014 1st Place, Modeling and Optimization
  • 2009 1st Place, Optimization and Systems Analysis
  • 2014 1st Place, Decision Analysis and Risk
  • 2006 1st Place, Logistics and Transportation
  • 2013 1st Place, Environment and Human Health
  • 2006 1st Place, Risk Analysis
  • 2012 1st Place, Modeling and Simulation
  • 2005 1st Place, Econ, Financial & Socio-Tech Systems
  • 2012 1st place, Decision Analysis and Support
  • 2005 1st Place, Risk Analysis
  • 2012 Best Conference Poster Award



INCOSE/Johns Hopkins University Samuel Kossiakoff Systems Engineering Scholarship

The scholarship recognizes and encourages students in masters or doctoral programs who are engaged in promising applied systems engineering research. The award comes with a $5,000 grant to the student and an optional paid internship at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where he or she will work on relevant systems engineering problems. The student is also recognized at INCOSE's annual international workshop. Applications (PDF) are encouraged. Past Mason winners include:

  • Gabriel Lewis, 2012
  • Colin Mullery, 2011