Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University
George Mason University Mason
George Mason University

Special Status Faculty

Donohue, George L. PhD
Professor Emeritus
Oklahoma State University
Air Transportation Technology and Systems Engineering

Houck, Mark, PhD
Professor of Civil, Environmemtal and Infrastructure Engineering
The Johns Hopkins University
Water Resources Sytems Management, Environmental Systems Analysis and Engineering

Polyak, Roman, PhD
Russian Academy of Sciences
Nonlinear and Linear Optimization (Exterior-Interior Point Methods), Game Theory, Mathematical Economics

Wolman, Eric, PhD
Visiting Research Professor
Harvard University
Screening-Policy for Breast & Other Hormone-Dependent Cancers

Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael Bailey
  • Philip Barry
  • Brian Burke
  • Steven Charbonneau
  • Kenneth Comer
  • Robert Edson
  • Larrie Ferreiro
  • Sabyasachi Guharay
  • Joshua Icore
  • Howard Killam
  • Jack Laveson
  • Daniel Maxwell
  • Ursula Morris
  • Michael Mulhearn
  • Paul Nicholas
  • Jeffrey Ray
  • Martin Rothwell
  • Daniel Stimpson
  • Sean Vermillion
  • Kathleen Warren
  • Fred Wieland
  • Ronald Woodaman
  • Richard Xie