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You'll Be Highly Sought for Your Qualifications

You can upgrade skills that apply to industrial, military, and government work by earning a certificate in Systems Engineering and Operations Research.

Our Graduate Certificate programs have been crafted to meet the needs of today's world, specifically, leading firms in the Washington, D.C., area.

For example, when the Department of Defense issued new regulations for acquisition of systems requiring an architecture-based approach and system integration, we created the Architecture-Based System Integration Certificate for a number of our industrial partners, and we can do the same for you.

Our programs consist of four to five courses that concentrate on a particular subject.

With planning, you can continue your studies and apply the certificate courses that you have completed toward a master’s degree.

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Graduate Certificates

Architecture-Based Systems Integration, Graduate Certificate

This certificate is available to students who hold bachelor’s degrees in engineering and scientific disciplines or have graduate status in such programs. Admission requirements are identical to those for the master’s degree in systems engineering.

Command, Control, Communications, Computing, and Intelligence, Graduate Certificate

C4I systems are concerned with gathering, retrieving, analyzing, and disseminating time-sensitive information to achieve mission-critical objectives. These systems support military operations across the spectrum of conflict, intelligence operations, transportation monitoring, emergency response, drug interdiction, and law enforcement, among others. C4I systems include the equipment, people, and procedures necessary to accomplish the mission. The equipment may include a variety of sensors, communications systems, and information processing and decision-support systems.

Computational Modeling, Graduate Certificate

This certificate program provides knowledge, tools, and techniques to those who work or plan to work in the field of computational modeling. Courses taken for this certificate program can count toward a master’s degree in operations research or statistics or a PhD in computational sciences and informatics. Students must be concurrently enrolled in the program for courses to count toward the certificate and the other degree.

Data Analytics, Graduate Certificate

The certificate is intended for students who are interested in addressing the challenge of transforming the massive data arising in applications such as business analytics, cyber defense/forensics, energy, finance, genomics, health care, intelligence, law enforcement, or transportation, into meaningful information. The program is intended for graduate students in areas where applications of big data may arise.

Financial Systems Engineering, Graduate Certificate

Financial systems engineering is a cross-disciplinary field that relies on mathematical finance, numerical methods, and computer simulations to make trading, hedging, and investment decisions, as well as facilitating the risk management of those decisions. The Graduate Certificate in Financial Systems Engineering is intended for students who want to advance their knowledge in global financial systems, financial engineering, and financial decision analysis.

Military Operations Research, Graduate Certificate

This program provides knowledge, tools, and techniques to those who work or plan to work in the field of military operations research. It is appropriate for students who cannot complete requirements for a master’s degree in operations research, but who want a concentrated study of military modeling. Admissions requirements are identical to those for the master’s degree in operations research.

Systems Engineering for Software-Intensive Systems, Graduate Certificate

The program is designed to teach students the infrastructure of systems engineering, which involves the integration of electronics, mechanics, ergonomics, aerodynamics, software, etc., into a coherent and effective system. Students may pursue the certificate concurrently with any graduate degree program in the school.