Meet Our Faculty

  • Leonard Adelman

    Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Leonard Adelman’s research is oriented toward (1) understanding judgment and decision processes, and (2) designing and evaluating systems to support them. Regarding the former, Adelman has performed research to understand how people define (or “frame”) judgment and decision problems.
  • James Baldo

    Associate Professor, Director of Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering Program, Volgenau

    James Baldo's engineering career has provided him with a broad foundation of knowledge and experience in engineering systems responsible for detecting, identifying, tracking, and predicting the behavior of objects based on multiple sources of data. The environment that Baldo works in has been greatly affected by big data which has resulted in utilizing new technologies and analytical methods.
  • Professor, Cyber Security Engineering, Volgenau

    As director of the first-of-its-kind BS in cyber-security engineering program at Mason, Peggy Brouse is passionate about building a new breed of cyber-security professional. As the nature of cyber threats has grown, the demand for timely response and effective action has built the groundwork for a discipline of anticipatory action and security design.
  • Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Professor KC Chang is a recognized expert in data fusion and Bayesian network technologies. In past thirty years, he has conducted research on a wide range of distributed data fusion and probabilistic reasoning problems.
  • Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Modeling the unpredictable. Understanding what could go wrong before it happens is vital to almost every industry. Stochastic modeling works to help engineers simulate incidents that arise from seemingly random circumstances. This is especially important to air transportation systems, technology manufacturing, healthcare, security networks, power grids, and military operations. Chun-
  • Associate Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Tom Clemons joins Mason after a 36-year career in military and federal service with significant experience in missile defense, space operations, autonomous systems, and war gaming and experimentation. As the Deputy Division Chief and Chief Technical Officer for Space and Missile Defense Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff he provided space and missile defense subject matter expertise for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, senior Department of Defense leadership, and Combatant Commanders.
  • Associate Professor, Cyber Security Engineering, Volgenau

    Paulo Costa has applied his significant experience as a fighter pilot to a career specializing in the field of electronic warfare and flight safety, which in conjunction with his research on probabilistic reasoning has led to applications in cyber and transportation security, heterogeneous data fusion, and decision support systems in healthcare, defense, and other areas. These topics are at the core of his classroom activities at both graduate and undergraduate level, as well as his research path.
  • Professor Emeritus Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau
    Founding Director, Center for Air Transportation Systems research, Center for Air Transportation Systems Research

    George L. Donohue came to the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University in 2000 after serving as the Associate Administrator of Research and Acquisition in the Federal Aviation Administration.  He has broad experience in managing major research and technology projects in both the public and private sectors, and was named visiting Professor for Air Transportation Technology and Policy for the FAA prior his administrative position. His research interests focus on Air Transportation and systems engineering.  
  • Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Hadi El-Amine is an Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering and Operations Research Department at George Mason University.
  • Associate Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Operations research deals with the application of advanced mathematics and computational methods to help make better decisions involving large and complex systems. There are many uses for operations research, but one of the most difficult problems that Rajesh Ganesan investigates is the sequential decision making problems under uncertainty.