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Our undergrad and graduate students conduct research throughout their academic careers, and our faculty are deeply involved in research that has real-world impact, working with companies and government agencies throughout the D.C. area.

Building Knowledge and Exercising the Mind

The Systems Engineering and Operations Research faculty are active researchers, whose goal is to do relevant work that has an impact on policy and society.

Research is a big part of each faculty member's identity, and we bring our excitement to our undergrad and graduate courses.

We expect students to participate in projects that tackle problems and find solutions.

Our doctoral students work with the faculty and are expected to conduct research that is in the forefront of their fields.​

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Students doing research, whether graduate or undergraduate, can enhance their understanding of their field of study, earn academic credit, and expand their résumés.

Our research is sponsored and supported by national agencies, government, the military, and private companies. They include:

Air Force Office of Scientific Research



Argonne National Laboratory 

Federal Aviation Administration


Army Research Office

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity 

National Institutes of Health

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

LMI Government Consulting 

National Science Foundation

Department of Defense

Lockheed Martin 

Office of Naval Research

Department of Labor

U.S. Marines 

Our Areas of Research Include:  
Air Transportations Systems: Unmanned air systems, safety, congestion mitigation, dynamic pricing and auctions, space systems engineering

Data Analytics: Modeling, simulation and optimization with application to health care and medicine, financial engineering, energy, transportation systems, and telecommunications infrastructure.

C4I, Defense and Security: Multi-source fusion, situation assessment, system evaluation, military operations research, evidence marshaling

Systems Architecting: Model-based systems engineering, complex adaptive systems, validation and verification, and risk mitigation.

Cyber Security: Security and safety of cyber-physical systems, electronic warfare.



In addition, our faculty and students are actively involved in research through the Volgenau School’s Research Centers and Labs,  including: 

Additional information can be found through our InfoGuides resources of the Mason library system.