Mason Engineering grad programs go up in rankings

Two grad students working at a desk.

Along with other Mason programs, Mason Engineering saw a rise in overall and some programs' rankings based on a new list from the U.S. News & World Report. Photo by Anne Lord.

Mason Engineering has risen in the rankings from the U.S. News & World Report’s list of top engineering schools’ graduate programs to the No. 102 spot. 

This is a jump from the No. 111 spot from last year’s rankings. There were 213 schools included in the overall ranking. "Many criteria are considered in the ranking process, including peer assessment from other schools, employers who hire our students, our research expenditures, the selectivity of the program, and more," says Ariela Sofer, associate dean for administration and faculty affairs for the Volgenau School of Engineering. “And in a lot of these areas, we have gone up.”

“This jump in rankings speaks to the quality of our program, our reputation, and all of the work our faculty, researchers and deans have been doing,” says Sofer.

In addition to the overall rankings, other individual graduate programs were also ranked. Computer and electrical engineering moved up in their area’s rankings. Computer engineering jumped from 77 to 69, and electrical engineering rose from 90 to 87.

The five programs are ranked accordingly:

Systems - 39 

Computer - 69 

Electrical - 87 

Biomedical - 93 

Civil - 93