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IT 104: Introduction to Computing

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Limited to 2 Attempts

This course, using both lecture and laboratory practice, introduces students to basic computer concepts in hardware, software, networking, computer security, programming, database, e-commerce, decision support systems, and other emerging technologies such as blogs, wiki, RSS, podcasting, and Google applications. Additional lectures examine social, legal, ethical issues including privacy, intellectual property, health concerns, green computing, and accessibility. Students learn techniques to search, evaluate, validate, and cite information found online. Widely used applications including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation, and web development software are studied.

When Offered: Fall, Summer, Spring

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 1.5

Hours of Lab or Studio per week: 1.5

Equivalent to IT 103.

Fulfills Mason Core requirement in
information technology (all).

Credits: 3


28 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2017

30 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2018

30 Course Sections Scheduled for Spring 2018