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George Donohue

SEOR Dept., MS4A6
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

  • Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Oklahoma State University
  • Air Transportation Technology and Systems Engineering

  • Donohue, G. L. and Andres Zellweger (Editors), Air Transportation System Engineering, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Press, September 2001, 732 pages.

Selected Articles
  • Donohue, G.L. "A Macroscopic Air Transportation Capacity Model: Metrics and Delay Correlation" in New Concepts and Methods in Air Traffic Management (Editors, L. Bianco, P. Dell"Olmo and A. Odoni), SpringerVerlag 2001.pp. 45-62.
  • Donohue, G. L., "Air Traffic Control Systems" in Handbook of Transport Systems and Traffic Control (Editors, K. Button and D. Hensher) Elsevier Science, 2001
  • Donohue, G.L. and R. Shaver, "United States Air Transportation Capacity: Limits to Growth Part I (modeling) and Part II (policy)", National Research Council Transportation Research Board, Washington DC Papers Numbered 00-0582 and 00-0583 January 2000.
  • Donohue, G., "Air Traffic Service Privatization: Will the USA join other Developed Nations?", Journal of Air Transport Management ,5 1999 pp.61-62.
  • Donohue, G. "A Simplified Air Transportation System Capacity Model", Journal of Air Traffic Control, April-June, 1999, pp 8-15.
  • Donohue, G., "Technologically Advanced and Integrated Air Traffic Control System is in Our Future, ICAO Journal, January/February 1996
  • Donohue, G., "A Visionary Look at Aviation Surveillance Systems", IEEE/AES Systems Magazine, October 1995
  • Donohue, G., "Vision on Aviation Surveillance Systems", Proceedings IEEE International Radar Conference, May 8-11, 1995 pp1-4
Professional Awards
  • Best paper award, 3rd. USA/Euro Control R&D Conference,2000
  • NASA 2001, 2002
  • FAA 2000, 2001

Previous Positions
  • Associate Administrator of Research and Acquisitions, FAA.

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