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Attention entering MS students: Unless you have received a waiver you must either take SYST 500 math foundation course or pass the waiver exam. Waiver exams are two hours long and are offered twice a year on the week preceding the start of the semester. Please click here for further detail

Attention non-degree students: Students taking non-degree graduate studies should note that only 12 credit hours of courses taken in non-degree status will be transferred to a degree program. If you have already taken 12 credit hours of courses as a non-degree student and would like to pursue a graduate degree program, you must reapply for admission to a degree program before enrollng in additional courses.

Plan of Study All students in the BS and MS programs should have a Plan of Study on file. Please call the office at 703-993-1785 if you are not sure if you have one on file. You can print a copy of the Plan of Study form here



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