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MS/OR Program Overview

The M.S. in OR program prepares students for research and professional practice associated with the formulation, analysis, and computer implementation of mathematical models of operational systems. Major components of the program include mathematical programming, queueing and network theories, computer simulation and modeling, applied and computational probability, and the application of these to realistic problems. Students are expected to become proficient in these areas, as well as in supporting areas of information technology necessary to implement OR analysis approaches.

To earn the master of science degree, students must complete an approved Plan of Study. This Plan of Study must include five core courses, and five elective courses. The electives should constitute a clearly defined concentration area. The Plan of Study must include 30 semester hours of graduate-level course work. Matriculation requirements for candidates needing additional work in mathematics or engineering will also be included in the plan of study.


All entering MSOR students must attend an orientation meeting that will culminate in the completion of a Plan of Study. Students are required to have an approved Plan of Study on file with the department. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor; students are encouraged to seek out their advisor when questions arise and when their Plan of Study needs to be revised.


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