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Operations Research at GMU

Operations Research, also called management science or operations engineering, deals with the use of scientific methods in management decision making, especially for the best allocation of limited resources. Operations researchers try to find order in apparent chaos by identifying the structure in complex situations and understanding how the components of organizations interact. They can then explain and predict the effect of actions on these systems. Operations research thus provides a rational basis for making decisions.

Operations research workers may work in universities, in industry, or in government. They may teach, do research, and/or solve real problems. Operations researchers may be involved in just one phase of a study, or may participate in all portions of a project; many operations research workers have moved from the technical aspects of operations research to managerial positions.

Operations research faculty at George Mason study the development, solution, and application of models, with particular emphasis on computational feasibility. Faculty and students have access to a wide range of computational alternativesr.

The department offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Operations Research. Students with special interests in optimization, stochastic modeling, decision analysis, military operations research, or financial systems engineering may elect to concentrate in these areas. In addition, the department offers graduate certificates in military operations research and computational modeling. In addition, the Department offers the Ph.D. program in Systems Engineering and Operations Research..

The MS program prepares students for research and professional practice in the formulation, analysis, and computer implementation of mathematical models of operational systems. Major components of the program are mathematical programming, queuing and network theories, computer simulation and modeling, applied and computational probability, and the application of these components to realistic problems. Students are expected to become proficient in the areas of information technology necessary to implement operations research analysis approaches.


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